Perimonopause sucks

They say variety is the spice of life,so here is something different from me.

Let me tell you about menopause little sister perimonopause,WHY did anyone tell me,yes we all know about menopause,but not so much of her little sister,she is hiding in the shadows ready for her time in the they both similar symptoms,it was hard for me tell them apart,so hear is what happened to me when the little sister come knocking on my door of life.

There is a list of symptoms which go on and on ,I could say about them all but here a few that which has affected me the most.

1 brain fog

At first I was convinced I was in the early stages of dementia,l found myself forgetting the most easily of things,leaving the cooker on misplacing thing.i found myself not remembering names of my children and vocabulary had shrunk which I did not have a lot to start lol.

2 irregular periods 

I can go for weeks without anything and a sudden of weeks of being on not good at all then I spent being very regular most of my life,

3 mood swings 

They go from one extreme to the other,which has lead anxiety and depression and tired most of the time.

4 hot flashes 

Not the best being woken up in the middle of the night dripping with sweat and definitely not in the day time too.

5 trouble sleeping

Would like to sleep like a baby again,could go for weeks without a regular sleep pattern which leads to lack of energy and mood swings.

6 sex drive 

From having a high one to being a tortoise it was like someone came along and turned my light off .

But don’t despair it’s not all doom and gloom I have found naturally treatment and supplements have helped me a great deal yes I still have a few hiccups but that’s life,for the mood swings St. John wort is really good for my mood and anxiety it’s a traditional herbal medicine product.cod liver oil&fish oil for my joints,evening primrose oil to help with periods ,lavender and chamomile oil for sleep and husband for his support and understanding.Sorted my diet more fish and vegetables and fruits flexseeds chia seeds and finding new spices too.

Exercise and meditation my new love for yoga which has helped me with my joints,meditation if it’s only 5 minutes just unwind and focus.

So when menopause little comes it’s not the end just a new chapter of life and your not alone you have all of us to help and support you.

Hope that was me doing something different,

Next time๐Ÿ˜€


  1. Summed it all up right here ! I walk so much now. It keeps me sane and definitely some symptoms at bay !! Love the little sister ref too ๐Ÿ™‚

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