Bargain Beauty bits of the week.

I been looking around this week to see if there is any beauty bargain,as I am always on the lookout.with Father’s Day fast approaching there is some great skincare product out there for the men and we all know they like skincare product this is one of my husband favourite Nivea men Creme now only at £2.00 150ml is better than half price so I picked up a few.

Next I have heard a lot about the next product Olay 7 in one total effects anti aging moisturiser with a spf 15. I picked up 15ml one just to give it a try.I love the Nivea range and it’s always on special offer in Superdrug or boots but to day I found it in wilko it’s the in shower body moisturiser I love smell and my skin is so silky soft it absorbs quickly and moisturise my skin all in one 250ml for £1.75 it’s a great price and always stock up when it’s on special offer.when I was out doing the weekly shop I was in Lidl’s I found this night cream and at that price of £1.45 I thought to myself I would give it a go and to my surprise it’s really good thick and creamy and absorbed really well and smells good to it’s a lot like my Nivea night cream,so I am glad I picked it up and gave it ago. so till next time 😋


  1. Next time I come home , I shall be grilling you for bargains! Prices are still great compared to here even at full price 😦

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