Well we are here at the start of August,how has last month been for you??.Here in the uk we have been enjoying a heatwave,which I think people have forgotten what a a long cold winter we had,I have heard so many people talking on how hot it’s been, I just think that we all should be grateful while it’s last.Here are some none beauty items that I have been loving in JULY.

Sun and more sun to wake up with the sunshine has to be one of the best feelings for me.

Ice cold drinks (iced soya latte or a iced tea.

Going for walks around my town,fresh air and exercise.

But here are my beauty favourites for JULY.SKINCARE.

BOOTS.Time delay.

It’s a daily serum anti aging and wrinkle reduce,it has supercharged my skin I think that is the best word to describe my skin,it has really helped with reducing the wrinkles,now I understand why my mum always told me to stop frowning.

OLAY. Total effects (7in one).

Anti ageing moisturiser with SPF15 I have really enjoyed using this product and may purchase the larger size. It is so moisturising and also has a lovely smell to it and knowing it has a SPF is a bonus.

NIVEA.Tinted moisturising day cream.

The shade is in natural it also has a SPF15,it evens my skin tone and gives me a natural glow and lovely to use in this hot weather we have been having.

BABE-SKIN.Pore eraser.

It’s lightweight and smooths my skin before .I add my makeup a great find from wish app.it gives me a pourless skin .

OUTDOOR GIRL.Contour kit.

This was a great bargain find from poundland love all 3 shades highlighter blusher and the bronzer it has been my go to all of JULY. 


This was also from the wish app, I have always got on well with eyebrow pencils and the shade suits me too .
A few things to look forward to in August are family holiday and my big birthday the big 50,as I look back and wonder where all the years have gone.

Don’t forget that we do not need to always be perfect ?

Let me know what you are looking forward to in the month of August.? 


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