BEAUTY Bargains of the week #2

This week I was in my local home bargains store, here in the uk home bargains

 is well known for its top brands at low prices.i love to go in and have a good look around .

Then I came across of a makeup range I never heard of MAX&MORE,everything in range was £0.99p,I believe that the range is from the Netherlands and all makeup is cruelty free and at them prices I couldn’t say no. So I picked up a few things to try first impression was the packaging basic which I really don’t mind.,it’s the product that’s the main thing and for 99p what would you expect.EYEBROW PENCIL set.

My daughter wanted to try this and said it was easy to use and went on well the shade was perfect for her a dark brown.TRAVEL SET.

My first impression was the colours of the eyeshadow was right up my street,I not used it yet but looking forward to it ,but eyes,brows and cheeks covered it also has a little brush and a little sponge to it looks more than 99p.
It’s in a classic red ,I haven’t got a red in mine lipstick collection so picked it up try out . It had a very waxy smell that put me off a bit but went on well and lasted well too but it was more of a pinky red on me  the lip pencil was ok too and worked well together.


Just to say a be thank you 🙏🙏🙏🙏 for all the views and like s they mean a lot to me .

Don’t forget never give up on your hopes and dreams. 

Laters 😀😀😀😀😀😀

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