• I love to reading and watching empties, I like the honest opinion that people give about there empties. It also helps me on what products I like to try out too , so there is some of my empties. 

1 .deep cleansing facial wipes. 

These are a much having a teenager daughter in the house,great value for the money.Home Bargains £1.00 for 2 packs.

Repurchase. Yes one of my of my top 3 wipes (from last post)2.wilko maxi oval dual-faced Cotten pads.

I use the cotton pads all the time, there are two different textures lovely on the face and nails too there are 50 pads a pack and at £0.50p great for the pocket too.

Repurchase. Yes defo 33.monu skin firming fljl facial oil.

Love it has a pleasant smell of lavender and made my skin super soft,it came in a beauty box.

Repurchase. Mybe if it was a reasonable price.4.p.s primark Argan oil intensive hand cream.

I have so many hand cream and I have really enjoyed this product and shocked up on a few of these at £0.50p bargain. 

Repurchase. Have done.

5.Nivea creme care cleansing cream wash. 

I use this regularly it has never let me down with its familiar smell of Nivea and its creamy formula its suit my skin.

Repurchase. Yes 
6.Gommage festin Royal (body scrub).

The smell lovely honey and lefted my body silky and smooth,this also came in a beauty box.

Repurchase.no not a the full price but won’t mind if I got it again in a box.7.marcelle new age 8 in 1 power serum.

All I can say about this product it came in a beauty box the sample size was so small I can’t give a honest opinion.

Repurchase. No.

8.Collection Define & Perfect (eyebrow powder).

I did not get a hand to it at all it was everywhere but my eyebrows.it came from a beauty box too.

Repurchase. Has to be a no I am more a pencil girl.

9.PH perform hydrate recover waterproof mascara (from primark)

It’s hydrate my lashes and  it was a nice black too wand was a nice shape too.

Repurchase.maybe if it was in store again.

Do not forget that you are Beautiful inside and out x😀😀😀

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