My top 3 go to face wipes.

There nothing better than splashing cold water on your face in the morning,but sometimes life gets in the way.its not always possible to do all skincare in the time you have,but so easy just to grab a face wipe.but which one there is so many out all claiming different things .


1 good quality.

2 something that doesn’t irritate you skin.

3 it has to cleanse, hydrate.

4 smells nice.

5 they don’t dry out to quickly.

6 it removes all makeup and yes mascara too.

7 value for money.

Yes to all above from me, so here are my top 3 go top 3 all range in price, all 3 make my face feel so clean and hydrated there are no harsh fragrance, they all remove my makeup too and waterproof mascara too. HOME BARGAINS £1.00 for a pack of 2.

Great value for money,makes my face feel so clean and fresh.WILKO £3.00 reduce to £1.50.

The very comforting smell of Nivea .gentle on my skin too. TESCO special offer £1.50

My daughter has sensitive skin and we have found that the simple wipes are the best, no nasty in them we always have in the house.

Don’t forget believe in yourself 😀 next time 


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