Primark bargain haul.

Yet again primark has not let me down,I think it is more luck then anything.i always have loved primark makeup I have always found it good quality and great value for money, but when it has a red sticker it’s even better value for money my money.face brush.£2.00 reduce 50p.It’s a super luxe face brush with super soft head,and really looking forward to using it.Face mask.£3.00 reduce £1.00The printed sheet ones are fun and I happy there was a few different ones to try.Detox face mask masque.£1.50 reduce 50pIt has kale&gojl berry my daughter has used this product before and said it left her skin super soft and healthy.P.s facial cleanse and massage brush.£1.00 reduce 30pThis is on of my favourite products I have used this over the past year now and love it.the combination of brush and face wash are perfect and at that price I just had too.pollution protect serum.£4.00 reduce £1.00I have used this before and enjoyed this product and to find this serum for £1.00 is a winner.p.s insta girl lash ink mascara.£4.00 reduce 50pIt’s a semi permanent lash tint in black.its say on the box it gradually tints bare lashes over daily all I say ever little helps and I just wait and see.p.s instant fix concealer crayon.£2.00 reduce 50p.I think is a bit dark for me but my daughter will be happy.p.s insta girl rice powder.£4.00 reduce 50p.It’s a setting powder I have not long brought one and was impressed it was long lasting and gave me a instead glow.P.s mattifying blotting paper.£1.00 reduce 50p.Now if you have a teenager daughter in House you know what I mean can I borrow this can and this ended with I had none left.Hope you are all well till next time 😋😋😋😋

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