Beauty and bargain beauty for June . 

Let’s start with my beauty favourites for June,don’t you think this year is whizzing past so fast,I a blink of a eye it will be Christmas again but let’s get back to my favourites for June.

Benefit the pore fessional.

The formula is super lightweight and a great bass before my foundation it also minimise my pores,I have never really bothered with primer before but I thought I may as well give it ago and yes my pores was minimise it did what it said on the box but are going to keep using a primer from now on .

Revolution pro fix makeup fixing spray.

This another product I have never used before and yes I was impressed with this to did what it said too I really do not know why I have tried either the fixing spray or primer. It dried quick and lasted till I removed my makeup.

P.s insta girl intense liquid lipstick.

Have been using this almost every day love the colour it has a satin finish and last a long time too.

Manna glo illustrations.

It gives me a lovely glo,and I can wear it alone or over my foundation,this another product that is new to me,no I have not been on a other planet has never been one that has ever interested but I have had this in my makeup bag for a long time think it came in a beauty box and i just picked it up one day and just wondered why I never bothered with it ,but really like it now and my new love .

Now here are the bargain beauty finds.

They are both for primark and couldn’t believe the price lip gloss and the sculpture eye collection.

Yes you read it right 30p I got one but I never wear red lipstick maybe one day I will I am more of a pinky or nude has a high shine lip gloss and lip liner.

Yes also 30p it has felt eye liner and a matte eye shadow cream will probably use the liner but 30p what can you buy for 30p these days.

Now girls we all love a face mask or sheets and I picked a few up too keep me going and two printed one too, a bit of fun better than looking like a ghost and that price £1.00 and 50p that was good for me.hope you all have had a fabulous June ,and let me know that is the best bargain beauty I really like to know.

Till next time 😀😀


  1. Great info. I need to try a primer and fixing spray. Especially in our summer here 😅😅. Will see if I can find any of them here.

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