Self-care isn’t selfish is it.?

I my case I think it isn’t, practicing self-care. That I have accepted myself and acknowledge that I have both strengths and weaknesses.lets face it these days it’s not easy being a mother and wife especially if you or a career like me or caring for others,we always seem last on the maybe feeling a little guilty just thinking about it or even taking sometime for yourself,But we all need some me time from time to time.try to make it a habit whether it’s just turning your phone off and put your feet up for 10,try it give it a go a little time each day.your mental health will thank you mental is a priority and happiness is essential as you are the glue that keeps everything going,there are some thing that keeps me on track.

1 do not overbook yourself.

There is only so much of you to go around,I spit my time up children ,husband time and family and me time.

2 blogging 

It’s has helped me a great deal I has gave me more focus and freedom to express myself and let it all out in words,plus I get to read great post and make new friends too.

3 meditation.

It has seriously has transformed me has helped me to find a inner peace 10 minutes a day has worked wonders.

4 colouring and reading.

I have never found much time to do either,but now give a colouring book and some pens and I am happy bunny straight back to my childhood when I did not care about kids bills and life and I love a good book which I can get lost in and my imagination can run over time.

5 walking 

I can escape the house ,not only just for exercise but helps clear my mind and the dog doesn’t mind. Just around the neighbourhood or the park will do.

So remember what ever you do it’s ok to put yourself first and self-care is need ,you was you before you became a wife and mother.

Next time 😀😀


  1. Great post and I agree. We all need some time out. That reminds me I was looking for all those colouring books I havent started and got interupted…off to get them out of hiding 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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