Primark bargain haul

Here in the uk primark is know for its value for money,right across there departments.but then they have a bargain sticker you are guaranteed a bargain,so the last few weeks I put them in a haul,I just love wondering in one of there shops for hours I popped in to that are close to where I eyes are always head towards the makeup and beauty department,I have always found the p.s range is always good quality and value for money and I have a few things in my makeup collection for them.I need a new powder brush all the brushes I have in there range have always be good quality from £3.00 to £2.00 I picked on up.

Pick up the hot cloth cleanser which includes a muslin cloth it contains cocoa butter,jojoba oil,grapeseed oil &vitamin E £4.00 reduced to £2.00 I give it a go .

The peppermint softening foot and leg gel , will come in handy as my daughter plays a lot of sports and always complains about her feet.£1.50 reduce to 50p.

The eye shadow palette comes from the chocolate range the colours are lovely just up my street and from £3.00 just to £1.00.the Disney range in primark is the best and how doesn’t like Disney and when I seen one of my favourite marie the coin purse and the shoe liners was a must have the purse was£4.00 down to£2.00 and the liners £2.50 to £1.00.

I have wanting to add more colour to my wardrobe lately and then the orange top catch my eye I thought why not £6.00 down to £3.00.

The trainers are well out of comfort zone but the colour was lovely so got them too£12.00 reduce to £5.00.

the dressing gown must be the star of the haul £15.00 reduce to £3.00 it super soft and a lovely mint green and perfect for summer too.

The dusty pink pj shorts was to nice not to pick up beautiful colour and soft to just right for the hot summer nights £4.00 down to £2.00.well only in there at the weekend and pick up a few more things.

The nude flat shoes are just perfect for me and need a pair of nude ones I have been on the look out for some £6.00 reduce to £3.00 .

The spotty red top was a must of too the spots and the red just stunk out to me £6.00 down to £3.00.

The hand cream which I have had before and I really liked it perfect size to pop in to my handbag and with Arian oil which is one of my favourite smells and vitamin b5 £1.00 to 50p I pick up a few to keep me going.

The eye catcher cleansing and correcting buds had seen them in there for a bit but at £4.00 I wouldn’t have paid full price for them when my cotton buds and micellar water does the same thing but at 50p I was right just the same thing but with vitamin E and aloe & coconut extract.

Remember always how a good look around you never know what you will find.

Take care of yourself 😀


  1. Hey love! This was a great haul I love hauls, I just did one for Walgreens and I’m editing my dollar general haul right now! Do you have a youtube by chance? If so lmk mine is NicoleKristine (no spaces) would love to watch ur videos! Thanks for the follow also, it means a lot I’m new on here lol I hope I’m doing ok

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      1. Aw thank you.. I was the same way and one day I just said you know what I’m going to do this! It is a lot of fun like this is but just a bit more personal I guess we could say lol. I’m so happy to have found you on here you have a great blog!

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