It’s Friday pamper night

Now everyone likes a pamper now and again.but not everyone has the time or money to spend on luxury brands or go on spa breaks.but the doesn’t mean we have to miss out here how I my pamper night without breaking the bank.

1 set the mood

Turn off the phone (or just put it on silent),shutdown that laptop light some scented candles and tea helps to create a relaxed atmosphere.2 get comfy

Hair tied up in a mess bun,take a long hot bubble bath in your favourite bubble s I have the Asda stress relief bath soak and at 89p a bargain too.then change in to your favourite pjs or like me my husband ultra large t shirt.

3 make a drink

Peppermint,chamomile tea,or if you feel naughty mood hot chocolate with extra cream or my be a cheeky glass of wine 🍷

4 face mask

Clay mask aren’t as fun as peel of ones or the sheet mask that make you look like a ghastly ghost I had a sheet on this time and I had two in a pack for £1.49 for two from bodycare a great price too.5 foot treatment

It is always fun to wear the big white socks but make my feet silky and smooth a great treat after the week on my feet and at£0.99p at bodycare also a good price.

6 puffy eyes

You can’t go wrong with sliced cucumber 🥒 or ice cold tea bags but I found some eye gel ones from primark for £0.99 p I can just pop them in a fridge and use them again.

7 relax

Never forget that you are important too us mothers forget that we have needs to and sometimes we need to spend time on yourself it good for are mind mind body and soul. So put on some relaxing music and forget about the world for 20 minutes or so

So what makes you happy next time.


  1. Love this post. So often mothers neglect themselves and put everyone else’s needs first. It’s important as a mother to take care of yourself first, so you feel good physically, mentally and emotionally, thus making you a better mother, wife and person. I love sitting out on my deck with a cup of tea, coffee or wine(depending on the time of day and year)a good book, or just sitting in silence and enjoying the beautiful sounds of nature. I also make sure that I get in my daily breathing, exercise and meditation.

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  2. This is so very true! In fact I need to start doing more of this I myself am a mother and I do tend to take care of myself last as most mother’s but your right on point with this we must make time for us and be sure that we are taken care of so that our health physically and emotionally are in good condition and health. Great post thank you!

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