This is me

I am a wife,mother and grandmother too.i am fast approaching the big 50 and I and I want to do new things,one thing on my list for new things to try is blogging,I have no qualifications so there will be no fancy word and one or two spelling mistakes but at the end of the day I am just giving this a go as I have always wanted I was telling you the new things I want to do I have had my first tattoo and all the time I was in the chair I only had my moms voice saying what hell have you done it’s only a small star on my wrist but went a head and had it done,and I love it would I ever have another maybe not I love all things beauty,health mind body and soul not to much exercise need to try more harder,I am always on the look out for a bargain too, so may see a lot of them,if reviews and favourites and empties are your thing your in the right place. But what ever pops in my head and that interests me I will try and blog as this me luck on my journey x next time


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